About CS:GO


Small information and history about counter strike also known as CS


In 2001 Counter-Strike was released as a mod for Half-Life. Counter-Strike progressed from a beta to a full release and refined the classic gameplay that has come to define competitive shooters by producing a dedicated community that has been following the game for years. Through each of its iterations – 1.6, Source, and Global Offensive – Counter-Strike( cs go) has been the benchmark of a player’s skill. Teams from around the world like NIP, SK Gaming, GODSENT, Fnatic, Envyus are constantly demonstrating their ability and strategies in local, regional, and international tournaments. Professional Counter-Strike players have become role models in the international gaming community


The concept of smurfing is to create additional steam accounts so that you’ll be matched with players much worse than yourself either simply to stomp them (REKT Silvers), or because you want to boost your friends without endangering your current rank because who wants to derank ?. You’ll also see a lot of players who got VAC banned and bought extra copies to cheat again. This is why everyone playing competitive dreads sales.

Smurf account is a new account to play against people you can easily beat to bypass bans for disconnecting/abandoning in case of emergency. After 10 wins CS gives you a rank higher than you deserve to try and make matchmaking games fair – normally you would not be matched against a player like the one you describe. They are just smurfing/hacking to play against people not as good as they are to make them feel better about themselves.

A smurf is a player who plays on an alternative steam account that is much lower ranked than his main steam account and actual skill. As said, they usually do this either to stomp scrubs, playing on easy mode and trolling, or boost friends. Any combination of those. When you play competitive matchmaking you have to win 10 games to get your rank, then the game will try to pair you with and against people with similar rank. There are flaws in this system but it works.


1.PRIVATE RANK 2 (PVT2) : Most boring part of CS:GO is to boost account till Private Rank 2 by playing casuals/deathmatch and demolition as until your account is pvt2 you can not play matchmaking mode/competitive mode. So for you, we are boosting our accounts and giving you direct pvt2 accounts so that you can buy and start enjoying matchmaking mode without wasting your timing after buying a fresh copy of csgo ar a much higher price from steam.

2.Silvers:  Silvers are the most famous and little costly (costly because you need to lose too many games to derank, for example from silver 3 to silver 2 it takes 10 loss in a row to derank) smurf accounts but the most enjoyable by all smurfs as most of smurfs have ranks above Gold Nova and above, so they buy silver CS:GO smurf accounts to enjoy, to rekt real silver rank players that’s why we call them cs go silver smurf accounts

In silver also different ranks are there in which more popular is s1 or u can say silver 1 which is very difficult to get but when u play with that you enjoy the fullest  after that silver 2  (s2)  silver 3  (s3)  silver 4 (s4)  silver elite (se)  silver elite master (sem) comes and to all these accounts comes under cs go smurf silver accounts or cs go silver smurf accounts

3. gold novas: Gold nova is that rank which mostly all players get when they play for few days and you will find in ranks charts the many players are gold novas or you can say that Gold Nova 1- Gold nova Master is the average rank in cs go .Players mostly mg rank or above players buy these ids and they are know as gold nova smurf accounts or cs go gold nova accounts

In this also like silvers we have different rank from gold nova 1 to gold nova master as more and more you play your skills improve and your rank too

4. Master guardian to master guardian elite these are the advanced ranks and above gold novas these are working hard and moving towards the pro players by practicing daily for hours and playing day to day also know as mg1 mg2 and mge. They have very good aim. And don’t play competitive before warming up

5 Distinguished master guardian name as DMG  too

6 legendary eagle names as also LE

7 legendary eagle master know as LEM too

Point 5,6,7 are usually used by players whose ranks are very low so they can experience this rank and learn from its skill based players and become a better team player. It takes times to reach these ranks also sometime players to use these account for personal also buy

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In online gaming, a smurf is an experienced player who uses a new account to deceive other players into thinking he’s a noob (newbie). The purpose is usually to play against less skilled opponents who will under-estimate the ‘smurf’. The expected result is that the smurf will pwn (dominate) his opponents and humiliate them further as they have been now beaten by an apparent noob.